Actors’ Notes│Cai Jiayin X Lin Hexuan: Challenges Facing New Actors

Last year, Cai Jiayin and Lin Hexuan, who were shortlisted for Best New Actor in the Taipei Film Awards for "Big Hungry" and "The Hotel of Little Golden House" respectively, won the affirmation of Best New Actor and Best Supporting Actor. They have also experienced a long time from exposure to performances to awards. In the [10+2 class for actors] held by clapping hands, two people were invited to share how to face various challenges as new actors. DSCF7053 How to find opportunities? Must be a winner of a professional background? Many newcomers may want to ask, is it important to have a college background? Both Cai Jiayin and Lin Hexuan, both of whom are in academic classes, agree that studying drama is not a necessary condition for entering the performing circle. They explained, Although they can get into the situation faster on the set after being tempered by the school, for new actors, it is necessary for new actors to actively promote themselves. "I suggest that everyone, if you see a case made by a student, you might as well post your resume. It is a good place to practice military skills." Has accumulated popularity in "Are there any college students", but Lin Hexuan is on the road of drama , Is also trembling, auditioning everywhere, he doesn't change his funny personality and says: "Just throw it indiscriminately, shoot all!" DSCF6848 Cai Jiayin did the same when she first stepped into the performing circle. She shared that she once saw a PTV student drama show recruiting people, not to mention preparing the resume, but only saw the other party looking for a male character one second before sending it. "I want to say everything is written, and I will send it out regardless of it." Unexpectedly, I received an audition notice from the other party and asked Cai Jiayin to try a few scenes in front of the camera. "At that audition, the other party held the camera straight. Forced in front of me and asked me "If the camera is here, how would you say this line?"" Cai Jiayin, who used to focus on theater performances, realized for the first time what a "camera performance" is. Although Cai Jiayin was finally unsuccessful, this experience made her think about how to work with the camera, and then adjusted many of the original performance methods. It also allowed her to be successfully selected for the actor training class of Beijing University of Arts. During the half-year training period, she shot No less than 20 short films, further practice shots. DSCF6871 What should I do if I can’t try and get changed roles without being well-known? It’s just that in the process of constant auditions, the number of failures is always greater than that of success. "I found that we have one thing in common, that is, we never feel that we can’t do it." Cai Jiayin explained that she and Lin Hexuan had survived the low tide. Mind method, Lin Hexuan also mentioned in an interface, that he even had the experience of having tried it but being changed corners. "At that time, I learned that I was changed roles, and I fell into a period of misery, but I didn’t think I could not do it. Later, I received an opportunity to perform in "My Girlhood". If the roles were not changed at that time, it would be due to overlapping schedules. I can't play "My Girl's Generation" anymore." Whenever he encounters a difficult situation, Lin Hexuan always uses this past story to inspire myself. He is convinced that if God closes a door, he will open a window for you. Cai Jiayin also has a set of ways to encourage herself. She often fails in the audition because of her lack of popularity. It will inevitably be sad, but she tries to change her mind: "When I feel that I am so useless? I will wonder if my current self is better than last year's self? "Last year, she participated in film festivals for "Big Hungry" and won awards. In 2018, she filmed "Big Hungry" as the protagonist. In 2017, she hadn't even started acting... She counted the past and saw her progress. The original feeling of depression also disappeared. DSCF7037What can usually be done to make the next audition more successful? While new actors work hard to train themselves, don’t forget about life. This is a compulsory course for both new actors and senior actors. "If I didn’t get a role, how can I do drama exercises to enhance my chances of success in the next audition?" The students on site asked this question. "Live life well." Lin Hexuan replied without hesitation. He believed that performance and life are inseparable. Live your own life, get along with others, and listen to other people's stories. When you have a deeper understanding of life, it will naturally be reflected in performance. on. Lin Hexuan also shared the skills learned in the acting class: "When you get the script, circle some places, "Don’t act!"" At first hearing it was a bit contradictory, Lin Hexuan further explained: "Like drinking water, opening the door , Brushing your teeth, etc. This is your life! Why do you want to act?" Unlike theater performances, camera performances are closer to life, or to return to Lin Hexuan’s old saying, to meet different people and contact different things through life , In order to open up the imagination and choice of performance. And Cai Jiayin has watched thousands of movies in a year, but she has actually learned about the different possibilities of performance through a lot of video reading. The host Huang He added with deep feeling that many aspects of life, whether it is literature, video, painting or even cooking, accumulate and absorb more, and they will definitely come in handy in future performances. DSCF7018DSCF6866 Want to be a star? Or an actor? At the end of the lecture, Cai Jiayin and Lin Hexuan talked about suggestions for new actors. "If you want to manage your finances, the sooner you start, the better. Find a way to stabilize your economy so that your people and performance will be stable. Cai Jiayin expresses from her own experience that most of the new actors can’t support herself by acting. She used to work crazy in restaurants, but her low hourly salary makes her only riding a motorcycle to audition on rainy days. “I was too embarrassed and too Tired, I can’t try anything, so I decided to use my major to return to the theater to work, teach acting, and increase my hourly salary. After that, I can take a taxi, audition in good condition, and maybe get a role. Make more money." Lin Hexuan hopes that everyone can think clearly: "Do you want to be an actor? Or a star?" He said earnestly: "The path of acting is very difficult. Just thinking about being a star will make you lose your heart too much, and finally leave the circle sadly; but if you have enough enthusiasm and want to be an actor, you will know how to prepare well Myself." As the two new actors said, no matter what challenges you face, you must always return to the actor's "self"-take care of your own economy, live your own life, prepare your own mentality, and believe that you can do it. Then step out bravely. DSCF7055 Writing: Tian Yuzhi 
Edit: Smoked Salmon (Lu Jiaxun) 
Photography: Clappin